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Videos In This Language

Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story (Megumi: Hikisakareta Kazoku no 30 nen)
Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
Creation Seminar Series in Japanese Part 1, 2 DVD
Creation Seminar, Part 1, Japanese
Creation Seminar, Part 2, Japanese
Cross And The Switchblade
Facing the Giants (Feishingu za Jaianto)
God's Story
Gods Story: From Creation to Eternity
Jesus Video / Jesus Film
Kentaros Atonement
Life of Jesus Series Home Enjoyment 5 Volume Set (Iesu Den Shiriizu Kojin Kanshoh Yoh 5 Kan Setto)
Louie Giglio: Hope, When Life Hurts Most
Magdalena: Released from Shame
McGee & Me - Vol. 2 [episodes 4-6]
McGee & Me - Vol. 3 [episodes 7-9]
McGee and Me Volume 1- Episodes 1-3
Pilgrims Progress - Animated
SAT: The Eternal Triumph - #3 ASIA
Shiokari Pass
Silent Scream
Story Of Jesus For Children DVD - Pacific Edition
Telling Kelli
The Apocalypse: Johns Last Message
The Christians Response to Funerals and Japanese Religious Events (Sohgi to Nihon Shuukyoh Gyohji)
The Cross and the Switchblade
The Earth, A Young Planet?
The Fossil Record
The Hope
The Legend of Three Trees (Sanbon no Ki)
The Light of the World
The Origin of Life
The Origin of Mankind
The Origin Of Species
The Origin of the Universe
The Prize
The Search
The Silent Scream Remastered, Multi Language
The Story of Jesus for Children
The World that Perished