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American Portrait Films

American Portrait Films: 20 years of service History has proven that a society's art and entertainment will have a profound impact on its values. In America today, two distinct cultures exist: one which rejects the values upon which our country was founded, and one which supports them. American Portrait Films firmly endorses traditional Judeo-Christian values. We provide the best in Christian educational videos for creationism, creation science, facts on abortion and anti-abortion education, abstinence videos and more than 100 others.
P.O. Box 809
Brunswick, OH 44212

Video(s) supplied by this organization

25 Messianic Signs in Israel Today
A Better Way
A Doctor Explains the Abortion Procedure
A is for Adam, D is for Dinosaur
A Matter of Life and Death
A Scientist Looks at Creation
Abortion Methods and Risks
Abortion Techniques
Allure of Rock -- Revisited
American Covenant
An Introduction to Creationism
Ancient Civilizations
Answers About Creation
Apes or Ancestors
Are You Going to Heaven
Assignment: Life
Beast of Revelation - Identified
Beloved Thief: A Musical Love Story
Beyond Bataan: The George Rogers Story
Brutal Truth
Cathy's Choice
China Crisis
Christi's Choice
Colorado Praise
Creation and the Christian Faith
Creation Geology with Charlie Liebert
Creation Science with Charlie Liebert
Creation, The Flood, and the Ice Age
Dear Children
Death As a Salesman--What's Wrong with Assisted Suicide
Discovering our Young World
Dreams of Gold
Drivin' Me Crazy, Al Fike
Evidences--The Record and the Flood
Evolution - Fact or Belief
Evolution - The Foundation for Communism
Evolution and the Textbooks
Evolution: Chain of Missing Links
Evolution: The Anti-God Religion of Death
Fallacies of the Evoltionary Theory
Fear on the Home Front
Fossil Evidence of Creation
Guarding Your Self-Esteem
Hard Truth
Hells Bells
Hells Bells 2
Help, I'm Getting Married!
Hidden Holocaust
Holy Land Sing-a-Long
Home Schooling: Is it for You?
Imagination: Is it Fantasy or Reality?
In God They Trusted
In Our Own Words
In Search of the Holy Temple
In the Beginning There Were Dinosaurs
In the Image of God
It's Not Gay
JJ Jasper World Tour
Just A Chance
Launch to Discovery
Let's Dance (For Children)
Leviathan: Fire-Breathing Dragon
Light of Creation
Making a Decision that Lasts Forever - Set
Man, Dinosaurs, and the Bible
Matter of Choice
MTV Examined
MTV: The Killer Companion
Music to Die for
No Alibis
No Easy Way Out
Our Military Under Seige
Parents' Rights Denied
Playing One Way: Drug Free
Power of a Changed Life & Deadliest 3-letter Word
Pro-Life Doctors Speak Out
Raging Waters
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
Real Roots - The Origin of the Races
Repent and Believe & Finishing the Race
Reversing Roe -- the Norma McCorvey Story
Revival Account - Asbury, 1970
Right to Kill
Rock-n-Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution
Science Creation and The Bible
Scientific Evidence for God
Second Glance
Seven Days of Creation
Sexual Abuse -- Beyond the News
Silent Scream
Sound & Fury - An Examination of the Power of Music
Sounds of War
Story of America's Liberty
Teen Sex - Challenge and Decision
Teen Sex: It Can Kill You
Teens - Alcohol and Tobacco
The Age of The Earth Debate
The Allure of Rock - Revisited
The Biological Evidence of Creation
The Cult of Mormonism (How It All Began) with Don Stewart
The eXtraterrestrial Files
The Grand Canyon Catastrophe
The Grand Canyon Monument to the Flood
The Great Civil War Debate
The Heart of the Matter
The Journeys of the Grail
The Judge Roy Moore Story
The Light of Creation
The Massacre of Innocence
The Power of Prayer
The Religion of Secular Humanism
The Song of Ruth
The Tabernacle
The Triumph of Design and The Demise of Darwin
The Truth Behind the Declaration of Independence
The United Nations and the New World Order
The X-Nilo Show
Time Warp News Report
Triumph of Design
True Fiction
True Lies
True Lies: Sex & Drugs - Part 1
True Lies: Violence and Suicide - Part 2
Understanding Yourself and Others
Video Saurus -- Unusual Ministries
Who Broke the Baby?
Winning the Sexual Revolution
Your Crisis Pregnancy
Zaccheus' Attitude of Gratitude